2017 4-H Parade

2021 Royal Court

Ten local youth have been named members of the 2021 Montgomery County Agricultural Fair’s Royal Court.  They were selected based on; leadership, involvement in the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair (MCAF), 4-H and their communities and public speaking ability.  The 2019 Fair King and Queen, continue their reign until this year’s Coronation on Sunday, August 15, 2021 at 6 p.m.  Coronation follows the annual Fair parade which begins at 5 p.m. at the Fairgrounds.


Meet the young adults that make the 2021 Fair Royalty Court.


Gabriella Bentley

Gabriella Bentley is 16 years old and entering her junior year at Williamsport High School. She has been involved in 4-h since she was clover, starting as a member of the Montgomery County poultry club then becoming a member of the Montgomery County sheep and swine club. She is currently serving her third term as the poultry clubs secretary. This is Gabriella’s first year being a part of the royal court, and has always aspired to be a part of the court since her early years at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. Gabriella enjoys raising her swine and lambs throughout the year, learning about the importance of agriculture through caring for her animals. Gabriella also enters a variety of baking, photography, woodworking and sewing in 4-H indoor. In off seasons Gabriella enjoys reading, hunting, fishing and spending time with her family. Gabriella hopes to acquire the skills and opportunities she has been rewarded with becoming a veterinarian in the future. Gabriella is thrilled to have been given the possibility of being an advocate for agriculture and the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. 

Aaryanne Cloutier

Hi My name is Aaryanne Cloutier, I am rising sophomore at Howard Community College working forwards my Business Degree. I have been in 4-H for 13 years, I have been a member of the Back In Time Club, Beef Club, Poultry Club, and the Wild West Wranglers. I also participated in the pet show with my dog Klondike as well as many other fair activities such as VIP day and showing arts and crafts. I live and help operate my family’s horse farm where I found my love of horses and from there started my own horse training business!  Because of 4-H teaching many different life skills from, public speaking contests, horse judging, horse bowl, electrical and robotics workshops, I have been able to utilize these skills in both college and my career. While in 4-H I Competed for the Maryland State Horse judging team in both Ohio and Kentucky, and I helped create and lead the Wild West Wranglers 4-H Drill team where we performed at the horse expo in Pennsylvania and the Montgomery County Fair. Outside of 4-H I work as a trainer for Rockys Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation, teach horse back riding lessons, worked for several years either as tech coordinator or stage manager for the Covenant Life Church Musicals, served as an Awana leader for 5 years, and run my own business training horses for clients. I am so grateful for my years in 4-H and am so excited to serve on the 2021 Montgomery County Fair Royal Court.

Eric Guernsey

Eric Guernsey is a 10-year member of the Lucky Clovers 4-H Club and is currently the club’s Vice President of Membership. He is also a sophomore taking honors and AP courses at Sherwood High School. As the youngest child in a 2nd generation 4-H family, Eric has grown up immersed in both the fair and 4-H. He joined 4-H as a clover at age 5 and spent the last decade exploring projects in public speaking, crafts, cooking, horticulture, electricity, computers, aerospace and Adventures In Science. He looks forward to entering his favorite projects in the fair every year and is proud to have earned special awards in computers and rocketry. Over the past several years, Eric expanded his projects to include Citizenship and Junior Leadership. He led Reading Buddies activities at local libraries, as well as crafts, food and nutrition activities at Maryland Day and area festivals. He enjoys STEM related activities and has helped present the National 4-H Science Experiment on topics ranging from designing fitness trackers to designing drones for surveying crops. Eric also completed a 160-hour community service project teaching STEM workshops at the Sandy Spring Museum and in the community. Eric earned Diamond Clover levels 1 through 6 in 4-H, as well as a trip to National 4-H Congress in 2021. He plans to have a career in environmental science or engineering.   


Andres Guerra

Andres Guerra is 15 years old and this is his second year on the Fair’s Royal Court. This is his 4th year in 4-H and he is the President of the Lucky Clovers. He has also served as both Vice President of Programming and Membership. Over the last few years, he participated in several library readings to encourage literacy and he organized the local 4-H Stem Challenges for 2019-2020. Andres was a leader in 2021 4H Curbing Our Carbon Appetite Program. This year he is part of the 4-H State Council and his work includes presenting the Launch into Leadership seminars and planning the Teen Leadership Summit. Andres is entering his sophomore year at John F. Kennedy HS as a member of the Regional IB Cohort and the Leadership Training Institute. He is a part of MoCo for Literacy, Kennedy’s Math Club and competes on their Chess, Debate, Mock Trial, and Tennis Teams. He is interested in everything related to science and he’s enthusiastic about researching and learning. He loves playing guitar, watching videos about history and science, and enjoying the outdoors. Andres has entered many works of photography, acrylic painting, and other art at the Fair, and has enjoyed volunteering there for years.

Annika Gulling

Annika Gulling is 16 years old and a rising junior at James Hubert Blake High School, where she is a member of the cheer team. She raises many different kinds of livestock on a micro-farm in Silver Spring, including chickens, turkeys, sheep, and her primary project, rabbits. As an aspiring veterinarian, she loves learning about animal health and husbandry.  Annika has been an active member of 4-H for 8 years and is currently a member of the Montgomery County 4-H Rabbit Club, the Montgomery County 4-H Sheep and Swine Club, and the Montgomery County 4-H Poultry Club. At the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, she enjoys volunteering in the Rabbit Barn and giving educational demonstrations to visitors. Annika is passionate about small meat livestock at the fair and has helped to introduce youth meat auctions at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair for both meat rabbits and turkeys.

            In addition to being a member of this year’s Montgomery County Agricultural Fair Royalty Court, Annika travels across the country to compete in regional and national rabbit royalty and knowledge competitions. She is currently the American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club Queen and has previously been the Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association Duchess and has placed in many other competitions.

Alexis Miskelly

Alexis Miskelly is 16 years old and is approaching her junior year at Northwood High school. She is ecstatic to be on royal court this year. Alexis started 4H when she was 5 years old as a clover, and has been going to the fair for as long as she can remember. She is in her second year as the president of the Montgomery County 4H rabbit club. She got her first rabbit when she was 5 and has raised show  Netherland dwarfs ever since. She has traveled all over the country to compete in educational rabbit competitions. But, none of the competitions were nearly as much fun as the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair.  Alexis and her family also help organize the annul rabbit hoping Competition. Her projects include rabbit showing, public speaking, miscellaneous arts, gardening, animal science and baking. In 2021, she was trained to deliver the zag Innovator Carbon Eating Workshop.  Through 4H Alexis has gained a love of zoology, ethology, environmental science, and writing.  Alexis hopes for a career in those subjects. She is hard working student determined to try her best in all subjects. Alexis is a varsity athlete at Northwood and is an active member of theatre in school. She also performs outside of school with the Free Theatre. Alexis would like to thank her family, her 4H club, and the fair for making her the person she is today.

Cody Mullinix

Cody Mullinix is 15 and just finished up his Freshman year at Damascus High School. This is his first year on the royal court. He has been in 4-H for the 10 years now and is looking forward to many more. Cody has done a variety of projects that include livestock, woodworking, horticulture, handicrafts, baking, and photography. Cody and his family live on a farm in Damascus where they raise pigs on pasture year round, beef steers and poultry. Cody is looking forward to serving as an ambassador for the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair.

Jacob Udovich

Jacob Udovich is 16 years old and lives in Rockville. He is a rising senior at Rockville High School. This is Jacob’s 10th year in 4-H and his second year as a member of the Royal Court. Jacob has been in the Montgomery County Rabbit Club for 10 years and in the Kids-N-Dogs club for 3 years. Jacob shows Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, and New Zealand rabbits along with his dog Tucker. His main 4-H projects are rabbit judging and showing rabbits and training his dog. Jacob has traveled to many rabbit judging and royalty competitions at the state and national level. Some of his travels include Pennsylvania, Texas, Oregon, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, California, Nevada, and Massachusetts. In 2018, he served as Duke for the American Netherland Dwarf Club and received 2nd place for Intermediate Rabbit Breed ID at the National level. He has won many awards with his favorite rabbit, Whiskers. Jacob enjoys swimming and diving for the Manor Woods Swim and Dive Team and Rockville High School. Through all of his experiences in 4H he has met amazing people, has learned many skills and has made great memories.

Joey Udovich

Joey Udovich is 19 years old and a rising Sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park. This is Joey’s fifth year on the Montgomery County Royal Court. Joey is a member of the Junior Fair Board of Directors and served as a member of the Montgomery County 4-H Rabbit Club for 11 years. In 2008, Joey purchased his first rabbit, Peanut, right here in the Rabbit barn at the Montgomery County Fair. Joey has been an active member of 4-H and a volunteer of the fair ever since. Joey’s main focus in his 4H project has been in Animal Science (rabbits), rabbit judging, and public relations. Joey has won many awards in rabbit judging at the state and national levels. In 2018, Joey served as King for the American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club and won limited rabbit management for his district at the national level. Some of Joey’s favorite 4H awards have been his Senior Small Animal project, best bred and owned rabbit and Senior rabbit judging at the Maryland State fair.

Some of Joey’s other interests include swimming recreationally with the University of Maryland Club Swim Team. Joey currently serves as the Assistant Coach for the Manor Woods Swim Team and is hoping to continue his coaching career. Some of Joey's favorite events are the 200 meter freestyle and the 100 meter butterfly. Joey also served as a member of the Boy Scout Troop 264, earning the rank of Eagle Scout in 2019. Joey will continue to study and pursue a degree in Public Relationships at the University of Maryland, College Park. In his free time, Joey loves to swim, run, bake desserts, and go camping. Finally, Joey would like to thank his parents, fellow 4-Her's, and fair volunteers for working tirelessly to help run the Montgomery County Fair!

Hayden Whirley

Hayden Whirley is 17 years old and a rising senior at Magruder High School. Hayden and her family live in Derwood, Maryland where they raise chickens, sheep, goats and pigs. This is Hayden’s 9th year in 4-H and her 1st year on the royal court. She is a member of the 4-H Sheep and Swine Club and she is a junior leader for the Livestock Clovers Club. She has completed projects in photography, horticulture, livestock, and public speaking. At school, Hayden is a member of the varsity poms team, the varsity softball team, the National Honor Society, and she is the class of 2022 secretary. Throughout her 4-H experiences, Hayden has met amazing people and she has made the best memories at the fair. 4-H has taught her youth leadership, citizenship, dedication, and responsibility. She would like to thank all of the volunteers who dedicate their time to put together the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair every year. 

Grace Worth

Hey there! My name is Grace Worth and I’m 18 years old and on my 14th, and final, year in 4-H. I currently hold the fiber arts project in the Damascus Community 4-H club. I also hold the position of officer on the state level with MD 4-H State Council. 4-H has given me skills like entrepreneurship, financing, and craftsmanship that I have used while running my small business. I am enrolled at Montgomery Community College where I will be pursuing a career in teaching early childhood education as well as acquiring an interpreting license in ASL. Outside of 4-H, You can find me teaching a class of two year olds at daycare, playing the French horn and tuba in my jazz band/orchestra, and making Disney videos in ASL for kids. 

2021 Fair King and Queen - Joey Udovich and Grace Worth

Year Queen King
2021 Grace Worth Joey Udovich
2019 Olivia Scuderi Aidan Douglas
2018 Caitlyn Gardiner Anthony Righter
2017 Faith Mindy Burton Eric Charlery
2016 Jessica Corazza Patrick O'Hanlon
2015 Jenny Searles Jackson Douglas
2014 Jordan Al-Faleh Adam Crawley
2013 Hannah Adkins Dunchadhn Lyons
2012 Mari-Therese Burton Michael Cropp
2011 Kelsey Watkins Michael Buscemi
2010 Sophia Reaves Collin Shay
2009 Caitlyn Perdue Christopher Perdue
2008 Bree Feuillet Andrew Dobos
2007 Marianne Mullan John Michael St. Angelo
2006 Besilica Reaves Byron Hulcher
2005 Tina Malament Ben Butler
2004 Brittany Hilton Andy Curran
2003 Holly Connelly Samuel Evans
2002 Alicia Feuillet Michael Novello
2001 Erica Taffs John Mark Leatherman
2000 Marla Luther Benjamin Evans
1999 Stephanie Brown Christopher Michaels
1998 Kelsey Wells Cliff Driver
1997 Erin Feuillet Chris Gazunis
1996 Margaret Luther Londell Luther
1995 Adrienne Wojciechowski Trevor Ashley
1994 Katherine Segal David McKeever
1993 Tricia Stabler Holland Scott Kelly
1992 Lonette Luther Robert Balser
1991 Valerie Murray Chris Wojciechowski
1990 Kristen Smith Robert DeLauder
1989 Stacey Stabler Christopher Daly
1988 Michele Sipe Anderson  
1987 Katie Kriegsman Peters  
1986 Kathy Johnson Zimmerman  
1985 Jill Hudson Miller  
1984 Tara Woodfield Pumphrey  
1983 Mary White Helmick  
1982 Carol Irvine Martin Mayne
1981 Karen Runkles Murdock Joseph Hagerty
1980 Terry Suddath Adkins  
1979 Linda Rudy Daugherty  
1978 Stacy Proctor Shaffer  
1977 Eydie Gregory Searles  
1976 Vicky Lynn Barkley Coon  
1975 Sandy Gladhill May  
1974 Gwen Mayne Sandberg  
1973 Debra Marlin McKenzie  
1972 Cynthia Keller Scheib  
1971 Gail Poffenberger Yeiser  
1970 JoAnne Doody Leatherman  
1969 Beth Seymour Davis  
1968 Susan Fraley Gibson  
1967 Kendra Hall Rhoten  
1966 Marilyn Griffith Newman  
1965 Betty Lou Schaeffer Chadwell  
1964 Becky Schaeffer Lear  
1963 Nora Lee Williams Byers  
1962 Carolyn Eckhardt Bowman  
1961 Patsy Fink Owens  


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